What to Look for When You Hire a Mobile Cold Room

If you are an event coordinator, and you are considering a cold room hire for an event, then you know you will have several options to choose from. These options can be considerably confusing if this is your first time hiring a mobile cold room or using a mobile cold room at all. If you are new to this option, consider what you need to look for in each cold room.

Exterior Temperature Monitoring

All of your basic mobile cold room options will have some form of temperature monitoring device. Though interior ones are suitable in most cases, you may want a bit more in the way of monitoring for your event participants. One option is to ensure that the mobile cold room has external temperature monitoring in the form of a digital panel. These are easy to read, easy to adjust, and offer scheduling for temperature changes if needed. Many of these exterior monitors also have large number display for ease of reading and quick checks.

Security Features

When you think about security features you may be considering features that deal with theft. The truth is, when you use a mobile cold room, you need to consider the safety of the equipment, the patrons, and the participants in the event. For this reason, you need to look at safety options such as wheel locks to keep the mobile cold room for rolling or moving unexpectedly. You also need to consider door handles and locks that will allow you to get into the cold room easily from the outside if there is an issue like a participant or patron to the event getting locked inside the cold room itself.

Mobile Shelving

Every participant who uses the mobile cold room may have different storage needs. Though most mobile cold rooms will have the option of fixed shelving and storage, one of the more ideal options is to go with mobile shelving and storage that has locking wheels. This allows the person using the mobile cold room the ability to plan and store items the way that works for their needs and to lock those items in place so they do not roll or move causing damage to the food or cold storage items or the cold room itself.

By keeping these key points to look for in mind, you will be able to find the best cold room for your needs. You will also be able to ensure that your mobile cold room will be suitable for your event and participants.