What You Should Do If Your Coffee Machine Won't Cooperate

Many people simply cannot get their day underway without an invigorating cup of coffee in the morning. If this is simply not negotiable in your case, then you may be in a particularly bad mood today if your coffeemaker is not doing its job. Suddenly, all of your attention is fixed on this issue as you need to get that cup of coffee before you can do anything else. Where should you begin as you try to get your caffeine fix?


You will be able to get to the bottom of this more quickly if you clarify the symptoms first before you try and identify the cause. For example, liquid may be reaching the cup, but it's cold and there is an issue bringing everything up to the necessary operating temperature. It could be that the filter holders are not clicked into position correctly, and you should look there first.

Perhaps you have put too much coffee into that filter holder, and if so, it may be blocking the pores and severely affecting performance. If coffee seems to be coming through intermittently, you may also find that the head is blocked and is in need of cleaning. After all, when was the last time that you serviced this appliance properly?

Maybe you need to adjust the grinder setting, which could be skewed too much towards the lower end of the scale. Don't forget to check the pressure gauge to see if that is up to its usual level, as it may need to be reset otherwise.

Sometimes, liquid seems to be everywhere apart from in the machine, and if you can see evidence of leakage, you need to trace it back to its source. Once again, lack of maintenance may have caused a build-up of residue on top of the gasket next to the brewing head or filter holder, or the gasket itself could have sustained some damage.

You may notice that the leak is coming out of the front and could be caused by a blocked waste pipe. Clean this out first and then run hot water through the machine to check for any leakage and to ensure consistency.

Calling in the Troops

Often, you will be able to get back on track by simply paying attention to these obstacles. However, sometimes you may uncover an issue that can't be repaired so easily, and in this case, you should arrange for an appliance repairs service to look at your coffeemaker. You may have to make a pit stop at a coffee shop this morning but can hopefully look forward to normal service tomorrow.