4 Tips to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Did you know that the quality of your cup of coffee is determined by the beans ground? Coffee reaches peak flavour a few days after roasting. Therefore, consume coffee less than a month after roasting to enjoy its peak piquancy. Avoid buying pre-ground coffee but rather begin with fresh and whole beans.  As such, shop for fresh coffee from local roasters who roast on the spot and those who roast in little batches.

The following are other things you can do to get a perfect cup of coffee at home.

Watch the Water 

 Hard water has excess minerals that bond poorly with dissolved coffee particulates. This leads to weak and under-extracted coffee. On the other hand, heavily distilled or filtered water does not have important mineral and iron content. This water leaches minerals from metal coffee maker components which may affect the taste of your coffee. Distilled water also creates more room for bonds that lead to excess extraction. This harms the quality of a coffee brew.

As such, use water a middle ground spectrum, such as a mineral balancing measurement of 150 parts per million. 

Be Keen on the Coffee and Water Mix Measurement

Eliminate variables as you brew coffee through with precise mixtures. Measure coffee by weight rather than volume. Use a digital scale to determine which coffee per unit of water makes your preferred quality of the coffee. An ideal ratio is one part coffee per twenty parts of water. This is 7.5 grams of coffee per 150 millimetres of water. This may go higher or lower depending on your taste.

Grinding Procedure and Time

You need to grind your coffee beans just before you brew to attain maximum flavour. Coffee starts to lose its flavour thirty minutes after grinding. Therefore, grind and brew immediately. It is important to note that grinding too fine creates bitter tasting coffee due to over-extraction. Grinding too coarse creates weak coffee. As such, go for coffee makers that offer medium-to-medium-fine grinding.

Invest in a Good Coffee Machine

There are different brands in the market, such as Expobar coffee machines, and you'll want to buy a good brand. It will be designed to meet coffee brewing demands for discerning coffee drinkers. They might also use features such as integrated grinders and button operated keypads, making them a easy to operate.


Making a superb cup of coffee at home for the coffee connoisseur is an art. Use freshly ground beans, brew on grinding, use precise coffee water measurements, and balanced water. However, you will not achieve good results if you do not have the right coffee machine.