Winterizing Your Air Conditioning System

Wintering your air conditioner is an important measure that homeowners must take to support the longevity of their unit and ensure that it works efficiently for the next warm season. While it's always a good idea to invite your HVAC professional over to handle complex winterization tasks and, of course, to service it in the spring with preventative maintenance, homeowners can still perform many winterizing steps for their air conditioning unit on their own.

Why Does Even the Smallest Fire Exintinguisher Discharge Necessitate a Recharge?

You should already understand how important it is to have properly serviced fire extinguishers in your office, but many people downplay the importance of having a fire extinguisher recharged after it has been used, especially if only a very small amount of extinguishing agent was released at the time. In fact, even the most insignificant of discharges can have a significant effect on the extinguisher itself, and will probably leave it completely inoperable.